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Commissioning is a critical phase in every project.
It offers a combination of challenges that are key factors for the success in any project.

The first, performing every functional verification in a safe and organised way.
The second, accelerating project completion and transfer to “commercial operation” phase while performing exhaustive testing of every element of the facility.
And the last, ensuring a safe, reliable and operational condition of the facility without jeopardising the project cost and schedule.

This specific expertise which has been developed throughout Actemium Commissioning’s 25 years of existence, allows us to handle this critical stage as a whole, from early preparation to final operation.

A various range of offers can be delivered by Actemium Commissioning including

Early Commissioning Engineering

definition of commissioning strategy, organisation, methodology, scheduling…

Technical audits

Detailed pre-commissioning and commissioning preparation (document review, procedures preparation…)

Pre-commissioning and Commissioning database implementation and management

(WinPCS, ICAPS©, Zenator…)

Commissioning execution

execution (from management of the activities, to supervision or full execution)


(operation and performance tests)

This offer, which can be delivered individually as a specific service or as a whole, will be tailor made to the specific requirements of the project.


Opercom™ Methodology is a mandatory requirement for all Total Projects (Company Rule CRPJC-311). It is actually a set of specifications

GS-EP-EXP-101 pre-commissioning/commissioning specifications
GS-EP-EXP-103 pre-commissioning/commissioning technical preparation
GS-EP-EXP-105 pre-commissioning execution
GS-EP-EXP-107 commissioning execution

ICAPS© Integrated Commissioning And Progress System is the associated software to support Opercom™ methodology.