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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Since its establishment in 1949, Comsip Services successfully provides technical assistance – manpower all over the world.
Our mission? To meet the expectations of clients, among which are the world's largest Operating and Engineering Companies, and participate in their ambitious projects with a strong responsible employer commitment within a Corporate Social Responsibility framework. Our purpose is to share a common vision and to implement a responsible strategy focused on constant progress which is sustainable, measurable and backed by strong and simple values. Comsip has its own staff of more than 200 reactive experts who can be mobilised all around the world, and it has a qualified database of more than 12,000 specialists.

Our mission is to support our customers most effectively, to participate in their project development and to optimise their industrial investment, from conceptual studies to operational phases.

Comsip Services utilises its own internationally networked Resource Management infrastructure
to provide highly qualified specialist services in line with the specific client project phase:

  • Project management,
  • Engineering design,
  • Project services (cost, estimating, planning),
  • Revamping
  • Heat transfer,
  • De-commissioning,
  • Contracts and procurement,
  • Health, safety, security and environmental,
  • Quality management, QC (Quality Control) and vendor surveillance,
  • Training,
  • Construction management,
  • Mechanical completions, commissioning and start-up,
  • Operations and maintenance,
  • Commissioning AOGC (Actemium Oil&Gas Commissioning) :
    "Technical Assistance" or "lump sum contract" concentrates on OPERCOM methodology and the ICAPS software (Integrated Commissionning and Process System).It includes preparation, management, supervision and monitoring, pre-commissioning and commissioning operations. AOGC offers training for ICAPS users as well as the software installation.

Our disciplines

Multi-discipline technical assistance :

  • Project management/ project control (cost, planning...),
  • Instrumentation : process control, analysers, instruments, metering,
  • Electrical : HV/Lv (Higt Voltage/ Low Voltage), network management, power generation,
  • Automation : PLC ( Programmable Logic Controller), DCS (Distributed Control System),
  • communication,
  • Safety : ESD (Emergency Shut Down), Fire & Gas,
  • Telecom : network, telemetry,
  • Mechanical : rotting equipment, compressors, gas turbines,
  • HVAC : cooling, pressurisation,
  • Process : utility, treatment, storage, loading, pumping station,
  • Inspection : electrical, piping…,
  • HSE : personnel, assets, environment.