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The Oil&Gas industry is constantly evolving. National and international oil companies are in greater need for competent professionals who can integrate the work market in total safety. Through the Catex skill management system, Cegelec Training has been providing training solutions for the Oil&Gas industry for more than 30 years.

The Catex Training program focuses on required Trade skills adapted to an international level and to industry. All our trainers and training methods are OPITO certified and ISO 9001 approved.

Catex is committed to deliver quality by deploying highly experienced and suitably trained individuals.

Catex is working towards continuous improvement, observing and predicting the Client’s needs to ensure the highest level of performance and customer satisfaction.

Our expertise

  • Implementing a Training Centre in line with international standards,
  • Implementing a Skills Management System and obtaining the accreditation of it through
  • Training Management Centre,
  • Offering qualified trainers,
  • Organising training sessions and staff support programs,
  • Issuing certified FIEEC or OPITO diplomas,
  • Training operators competent in Operations and Maintenance.

The added value of the Catex training program

  • Delivering a sound, efficient workforce,
  • Developing specific technical skills,
  • Facilitating onsite integration,
  • Promoting nationalisation,
  • Having a diploma that is recognised in the oil sector,
  • Being autonomous and capable of carrying out a project,
  • Having skills in a specific field.